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Yoga is a practice that allows body and mind to settle into the experience of being; it is a stillness within the movement and a movement dissolving into stillness, an ever-flowing experience of being alive.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not about our physical ability or how flexible we are. Rather, it is a dimension of human experience, usually veiled from us, in which the body and senses become a doorway into a deeper reality of ourselves.

Qi Gong is a practice that allows us to experience and utilize a subtle energy called Qi or Prana. When Qi is abundant within us we feel physicaly strong, emotionally balanced and guided by inner clarity and vision. We can taste freedom.

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Classes & Workshops

Online Classes

I am currently offering weekly Zoom classes on Wednesdays, 5-6pm UK time.

Qi Healing Massage

Qi Gong is a healing practice. When we move our bodies with focused intention, we move the Qi to balance and harmonise our physical, emotional and mental selves.

Private Classes

In a private class you will have the opportunity to tune into your own needs; whether healing a back problem, freeing up a breathing pattern or releasing tension.

Group Classes

Wednesdays, 9.15-10.15 am

Weekly class at Life Centre, Notting Hill

Join me for a mid-week nourishing morning class. 

Book directly through the Life Centre website here.

Outdoor Summer Class

In warmer months, I teach a monthly community class in my private garden in Richmond. Usually on Saturday mornings, these sessions allow us to practise together in an outdoor setting. All welcome!

Upcoming classes

Every Wednesday, 5pm UK time

Upcoming Workshops

No upcoming events

For recorded past event click here.

Outdoor Classes in Richmond

These will restart in  the Spring. Email me to find out more.

Recorded classes bundles

To follow classes in your own time, you can buy recorded classes bundles.

Client Testimonials

“I have been going to Luiza’s breathing classes for over a year now on a monthly basis. My anxiety has been able to be controlled thanks to the breathing exercises given. The classes are gentle and always varied and easy to use at home once back from the class. I have been incorporating the techniques into my daily life as they are so simple yet so effective. Luiza is a sensitive and wonderful teacher and I highly recommend the classes to anyone who wishes to live a happier and more fulfilled life.”


Luiza is a joyful and inspiring teacher. Her classes are both profoundly restful and energising. You leave feeling replenished. I had injured my wrist and was unable to do a more traditional yoga class and I found Luiza’s technique allowed me to participate fully. I really recommend Luiza and look forward to my next class! 


“”I have been to classes with many different teachers and what I have realised is how much of a difference the style of teaching contributes to how deeply I can embody the practice. Luiza is one of my absolute favourite teachers and is wonderful at holding such a welcoming space, no matter your experience or limitations. What I love is how skilful she is at getting the essence of qi gong and the movements across, rather than staying at the surface level of form and instruction. She really encourages gentleness rather than striving, cultivating the underlying attitude that taps into the flow of this practice, an allowing that transfuses into other parts of my day too. Her online offerings during self-isolation have been such a generous gift and a highlight of my week.”


I felt so much better after our session – the pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders disappeared! Thank you so much. I realise that more than any yoga pose getting in touch with my breath brings me a total sense of well-being. I am so happy to have discovered that.”


My Journey

As a young adult I was never satisfied with the answers I got from my immediate culture and questioned a way of life that seemed disconnected from Nature and devoid of deeper meaning. So I turned to Eastern Thought.

My first formal experience of Yoga was through learning Transcendental Meditation in 1990. I was then working in the corporate sector and the practice offered a welcome relief from a stressful job and life’s overload. It deepened my thirst for self-knowledge and ignited a life-long seeking for the ultimate truth and connection to the source. The physical practice of asanas became my daily ritual a few years later, when I was recovering from chronic fatigue. The sense of well-being and peace it created in my life made me want to share this practice with others, and in 2000 I completed a two year Teacher Training programe at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale and in Pune, India.

Soon afterwards, I met Donna Farhwho inspired me to look deep into myself for answers as well as introducing me to the work of great somatic teachers; Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Thomas Hanna. I completed Donna’s teacher training course in Vancouver, Canada in 2004.

A pivotal moment in my understanding of Yoga came from meeting and studying with a Chinese Qi Gong Master, Zhixing Wang in 2007. It was then that the emphasis of my practice shifted away from the physical body and mind to the formless flow of Prana/Qi, and the practice became more effortless, guided by an inner voice, full of healing potential, and definitely much more fun. Subsequently, I completed a teacher training programme with California based Qi Gong teacher Lee Holden and continue my studies with an East Coast based Master Robert Peng.

Somewhere along this journey, my interest in the workings of the body and mind, took me to study Neuro Linguistic Programming. I completed a two year NLP Master Practitioner programme in 2007, and continue to be amazed how freeing thinking from habitual patterns can have an everlasting, powerful effect on one’s body and life choices.

I have travelled the world in search of teachers, healers and shamans, but after many years of wandering I realised that what I seek doesn’t exist in some exotic location, but inside. I just needed to be still, relax deeply and listen. Now, some 30 years later, I feel physically stronger than ever in my adult life, but the real transformative power of this practice is in the quiet contentment I feel in my life.

These days, I hang out more in London, teaching online Zoom classes available worldwide, private classes  in person (from my home studio in Richmond) or online, group classes at Life Centre, courses and retreats in sunny places.

Hope you can join me on one of my offerings!


If you would like some inspiration to start or even restart your practice there are some resources below. Here are some videos to watch, audio breathing sessions you can listen to and some books I have found inspirational. Finally if you need any equipment there is a link to Yoga United where you can get a 10% discount. Please try these ideas and let me know if you have any questions by using my contact form.


Introduction to Effortless Qi Yoga

10 Minute Nourishing practice for the heart

10 Minute nourishing Winter Practice

10 Minute nourishing Winter Practice (2)

6 Minute Immunity Boost

12 Minute Feel good Qi self massage

10 minute breathing practice for Autumn

7 Minute Tree standing meditation

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