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Wednesdays, 5-6pm UK time

Each month we have a different focus. Recently we have been focusing on fortifying our immune system, connecting to life force and building our resilience for these challenging times.

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Qi Healing Massage

Qi Gong is a healing practice. When we move our bodies with focused intention, we move the Qi to balance and harmonise our physical, emotional and mental selves.

You can experience the same harmonising effect when someone else uses their intention and projects Qi through their hands to balance your body. 

If you want to experience the effects of Qi Healing Massage yourself, you can book the treatment HERE by stating your preferred date and time and you can pay for your session HERE

The suggested fee is £70.

Concessions and skill exchanges are available.

About the session

  • It lasts about 60 min, and you spend most of it lying fully clothed on a massage table. 
  • It consists of a mixture of hands on and off techniques.
  • Please wear loose clothing so that your body can breathe easily.
  • Please do not wear any strong perfume or scents. 
  • If you have any questions about your session, you can ask them here.

Private Classes

In a private class you will have the opportunity to tune into your own needs; whether healing a back problem, freeing up a breathing pattern or releasing tension. All private sessions start with an informal chat to find out if my style of work is what you are looking for. We then work together to create a tailor-made programme which might include bodywork, breath awareness and meditation.

As real discoveries happen when we practice on our own, my approach is very hands off, offering you lots of space to discover your own path. The majority of people need only a series of classes before they are ready to practice on their own. Some people feel a need for the presence of a teacher to motivate them. Either way, I will give you plenty of tools to make it your own practice, on and off the mat.

Suggested price for a 60min session is £70.

All classes take place at my home studio in Richmond. I might be able to travel to you and additional costs may apply depending on the time/travel costs involved.

Feel free to ask for concesions & swaps – I am always open to exchange of skills, especially if you have technical knowledge to help with my website!

If you want to book a session, please let me know HERE your preferred date and time and then you can book it HERE.

About the session

  • It lasts about 60 min and takes place in a fully equipped practice space at my home in Richmond.
  • We can meet on Zoom, Skype or similar if you prefer an online session.
  • Please wear loose clothing so that your body can breathe easily.
  • If you have any questions about your session, you can ask them here.

Outdoor Summer Classes

In warmer months, I teach a monthly community class from my garden in Richmond.

Usually on Saturday mornings, these sessions allow us to practise together in an outdoor setting, connecting and taking our instructions directly from Nature. All are welcome!

These classes are by donation, with no minimum donation. Give what feels good and according to your circumstances.

For more information on how to join the class, please email me here or subscribe to my monthly newlsetter to be notified about forthcoming dates.

Foundation Course in Richmond

New dates coming up in 2023

This course is for those new to practice or wanting a refresher. It takes place in our private, outdoor garden or inside in the event of rain.

Week 1 – we explore QiGong principles of moving with ease, releasing muscular tension, using Earth for support.

Week 2 – we will incorporate week 1 learning into sitting with ease since we all spend many hours daily on chairs. We dive into a short sitting practice to learn how to take short breaks in our day for more vitality and less fatigue.

Week 3  – we explore how both moving and sitting with ease creates a sense of ease in body, mind and emotions. We finish with a short meditation practice.

Attendance is by donation  – please give what makes you feel good! You can use the donate button below or donate by cash on the day.

Please email me to ask any questions, confirm your attendance and get the address. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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