Sleep Workshop


We are living in interesting times! With our ‘Always-On culture’, blurring divisions between activity and rest, it is already difficult to access deep levels of relaxation. Add to this a global pandemic and many of us feel walking as if we are on edge, unable to drop off to to sleep at night and function well during the daytime.




This 4 hour experiential workshop will take place over two weekends on Sunday the 8th November and Sunday the 15th November at 3pm and will be an online session. It will provide you with a set of tools to create more balance in your life, support your sleep and add more zest to your waking hours. We will draw on the ancient teachings of Yoga and Qi Gong, modern research into the working of the human mind and the nervous system (specifically the vagus nerve) to create a set of routines that will include:

  • easily accessible movement regardless of your fitness level
  • breathing and meditation practices
  • self massage
  • evening rituals to help you get most nourishment from your sleep