Better Sleep Recorded Workshop 

We are living in interesting times! With our ‘Always-On culture’, blurring divisions between activity and rest, it is already difficult to access deep levels of relaxation. Add to this a global pandemic and many of us feel walking as if we are on edge, unable to drop off to sleep at night and function well during the daytime.

Sometimes we all need to press a refresh button and find new ways of being.

This 4 hour experiential workshop will provide you with a set of tools to create more balance in your life, support your sleep and add more zest to your waking hours.

We will draw on the ancient teachings of Yoga and Qi Gong, modern research into the working of the human mind and the nervous system (specifically the vagus nerve) to create a set of routines that will include:

  • easily accessible movement regardless of your fitness level
  • breathing and meditation practices
  • self massage
  • evening rituals to help you get most nourishment from your sleep

The video recording is available to view forever, so you can go back and practice with it. In addition, you will receive an audio track with the meditation sessions from the workshop as well as some additional resources to dip in as and when your own timetable allows.

This is what others thought of the workshop:

What a wonderful and nurturing experience.  I am going through a phase when my sleep ‘could be better’, so I’m grateful to you Luiza, for sharing your words of wisdom and helpful practices during your recent Sleep Workshop.  Your knowledge, gentle encouragement and enthusiasm shine through and the breathing practices and Qi Gong were easy to follow, and deeply relaxing.  I am so pleased to have the audio files as well, and I’m looking forward to practicing what you have taught – and look forward to connecting again sometime soon. 

Many thanks, Liz

Luiza is incredible! Her knowledge of Qi-Gong is boundless. This combined with her kind, welcoming nature and flexibility makes her an inspiring teacher. In the short time I’ve attended her weekly Zoom class I’ve noticed a difference in my ability to ‘de-stress’, relax and breathe more deeply. I’ve learned a lot about breath and the simple movements of Qi-Gong. There is no hurry, Luiza says. It’s more important ‘not to hurry’ and do it at your own pace. We can all start where we are. Luiza’s attitude has encouraged me to persist. Her teaching method is very effective, with just the right balance and variation to her classes. Even just a five-minute practice before I sleep and upon waking in the morning helps me in small ways throughout the day. I highly recommend her classes.